Frequently Asked Questions

We hear a lot of different question from new and prospective members. Here are a few that we get most often. For more questions please email us at, on Facebook or Instagram.

Do I need a boat to join?

This is the question we hear the most often and the answer is no! We run a Boater/Non-Boater format and allow members to join as whichever they prefer. There are times where we may ask a non-boater who does have a boat to join an event as a boater should the numbers be uneven. We strive to ensure no one is left on shore despite not having a boat. Our hope is to get people involved with Tournament Bass Fishing whether they have a boat or not!

I just started fishing or I don’t have a lot
of experience with tournaments, can I still join?

Yes! We accept all skill levels, from Beginner to 40+ years of experience. We aim to make Bass Tournament Fishing as accessible to those interested in participating as possible. Many of our members who start with the club move on to fishing other competitive series.

Do I need a Boaters Card?

Yes, all members, Boaters and Non-Boaters, are required to have a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card for safety purposes.

Do I need insurance?

All Boaters are required to have their own policy which includes an amount of liability coverage as mentioned in the most up to date application. See application here for more details:

How do I join?

We hold monthly meetings in the off season on the last Thursday of each month at Cecil’s Restaurant in North Bay in their Map Room at 7pm. Anyone is welcome to come join us to meet the members and get an idea of what we are all about. Meeting dates and times are posted to our Facebook page so be sure to give us a follow! Anyone wanting to join must fill out and submit an application with a valid B.A.S.S. number. Instructions on application here .

Can I join alone or do I need a partner?

You may join as a sole angler or with a partner but we cannot guarantee you will fish together as we hold random draws for our tournaments to promote comradery among the members. We do not allow any two anglers to be paired up more than twice during qualifiers with all pairs on the table for the year end Classic! This is a great way to see new techniques and learn from different anglers.

What is the cost?

All members are required to pay for their B.A.S.S. membership with the instructions provided on the application. The cost for this is $27USD. The remainder of fees for new members payable to North Bay Bassmasters is $110 and $90 for returning members. Additionally, we charge $60 per member per event which includes Big Fish prize. These prices are subject to change and are available in the most recent Constitution.

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